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Sue Jones Photos

When ordering your photo... the number is at the bottom left hand side of the page

that the photo is on..... eg Longreach13 - 100

Please make cheques and money orders out to Sue Jones
Direct Deposit is available, please email for details
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of photo orders
All photographs ordered will be cropped, colour corrected and centred.

Prices include gst and postage:
If you prefer a high resolution digital copy sent via email please send information to suejones.2@bigpond.com

DIGITAL IMAGES are $16.50 (inc gst) or if you are wanting a collection from an event I can work out a price for you.

Photo Size Cost (inc GST











Photos 8x10 and Larger - Price includes Cropping & Postage

Sue Jones Photos

PO Box 60 Curlewis NSW 2381

Phone: (02) 67441262
Mob: 0429 471754

* Or email Sue with orders for High Resolution digital photos

Email: suejones.2@bigpond.com

Sue Jones Photos Terms & Conditions and Copyright information: Sue Jones Photos retains creative copyright over all images on this web site. Please do not distribute, sell, print or email images outside terms & conditions. Images that are screen grabbed, copied or distributed and used for print or commercial purposes will be prosecuted under Australian and International Copyright Law. Contact Sue Jones for further information 0429 471754 or suejones.2@bigpond.com
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